Fite is a self-perform general contractor with substantial in-house workforce comprised of experienced craftsmen.

This has allowed Fite Building Company to build a well-established skill set with the details of high-quality construction. We leverage this experience to manage safe and productive jobsites. Fite has developed enduring relationships with an expansive subcontractor market, which allows for consistent, quality construction and faster schedules. Fite is a true builder, not just a General Contractor. In a challenging labor market, our capability to self perform, gives us more options to meet the expectations of our customers with price, quality and schedule.

At Fite Building Company, safety is everyone's responsibility.

Our number one goal is a safe work environment.

At Fite Building Company, safety is everyone’s responsibility. We plan our construction activities with safety at the forefront — it is our company’s first foundational value and we are committed to a culture of safety. With this priority, we start every week with a safety meeting led by our safety director and all company leadership.

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Our company has an expansive portfolio of general contracting experience for numerous construction types.

  • Commercial 
  • Financial 
  • Entertainment 
  • Educational
  • Hospitality 
  • Industrial 
  • Institutional 
  • Government
  • Medical 
  • Multi-family 
  • Senior Living
  • Automotive
  • Renovations
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general contracting experience for numerous construction types

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What Our Clients Say

"The most valuable service Fite Building Company provided for us was in how they took care of us and looked after our best interests. Fite put the relationship before cost. They truly demonstrated they wanted happy customers and gave us a great end product that went above and beyond. "

- Justin Rogers Chairman, First Bible Church