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Waterfront Phase I

Sexton Incorporated Holding Company

Achieving excellence in challenging projects is one of Fite Building Company’s strengths. The Sexton Project — which in less than a year became a Decatur landmark – is a perfect example. Factors which added to the complexity of this project included a location 15′ from the Tennessee River and 20′ from the Norfolk Southern Railroad. To facilitate a smooth building and permitting process, FBC involved the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Norfolk Southern Railroad early in the process.

With more than 125 different angles, the shape of the building along with the configuration of the lot and how the building was situated on the site required the use of a computer chip “total station.” Without this equipment, we could not have constructed to the tolerance required to make this difficult steel structure work.

With this being a unique project, changes in the course of the construction were expected. Many of the elements used were not readily available locally, impacting both time and budget. The budget was not unlimited and the owner worked with us and the architect to achieve the quality and look the building deserved, while still working within a set budget. In many instances, we were able to change the materials used – or how they were used – to achieve a great look and save money. We also worked closely with the architect and the city building department to meet fire rating codes without the installation of a fire sprinkler system, saving the owner another $20,000.

Safety on the job is always a priority for Fite Building Company and on this project the entire construction team worked together to construct this building with zero accidents. Over 80,000 man-hours were completed without account.

“Your role as building contractor cannot be underestimated. The attention to detail and willingness to utilize unique and somewhat unconventional construction materials, demonstrates your ability to bring a challenging vision to reality. The Sexton Building speaks volumes as to the skills and talents of its builders.”

Lynn C. Fowler
Mayor (2000 – 2004), City of Decatur

“From that initial pre-design meeting through construction, Fite was a team participant in bringing the project to fruition. Jack took a personal approach to the project and followed through with issues that came up during construction, satisfying both the owner’s requirements and the architect’s design. Fite Building Company proved to be a valuable resource in providing information on alternate materials that were researched during the value engineering process of the project.

The overall success of the project reflects the dedication of [owner] Britt Sexton, the design team and Jack Fite, a contractor committed to excellence.”

Cynthia Z. Coyle, AIA
Architecture Works, PC

“In deciding to completely change the architectural waterfront for our city, we chose a builder whose experience indicated that they were up to the challenge. Fite Building Company satisfied all of our goals.”

Britt Sexton
Sexton, Inc.


Decatur, AL


Architectural Works, P.C.

Commercial/Retail & Office, Design Build