Marquieta Wiley is honored at the 2019 North Alabama Excellence in Construction Awards

Marquieta Wiley was nominated by her coworkers and colleagues for the Alabama Camellia Award. No one was more deserving of this award! The Camellia award is named after our state flower, and recognizes women in the construction industry for possessing distinct qualities that make them unique: passion for the work they do, always striving for excellence, and a level of longevity and faithfulness to their careers. We are proud of Marquieta and the example she sets every day in and outside of work.

What Our Clients Say

"The most valuable thing Fite Building Company provided for us was their fully open and transparent communication process. Fite's project leadership were open about cost and every quality issue. They treated the smallest request we had as if it were the most important thing they had to do. We really appreciated that! "

- Gay Dempsey CEO of Bank of Lincoln County