The next time you need a general contractor that understands green building methods, put the resources of  THE LEAN, GREEN FITE MACHINE on your team. We apply our 20+ years of experience, proven management program and best practices to green building and documentation standards to help you affordably implement sustainable designs that meet the green building codes.

Smart Building

Not every general contractor knows how to “go green.” At Fite, we have the in-the-field experience and proven green track record to help you choose materials and processes — from the initial development phase through the final stage — that will result in a green building that achieves the LEED level you are targeting. Ultimately, you will have a healthier work environment that is more energy efficient than standard buildings.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a nonprofit membership logo_ugbcorganization with a vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation. It is dedicated to expanding green building practices and education, and its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. LEED addresses all building types and emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resources selection, and indoor environmental quality.

Unitl 2009, buildings under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers followed the Sustainable Project Rating Tool (SPiRiT), based on the LEED system.

Fite Building Company received The Project of the Year award from ABC – North Alabama